The Behind the Warrior Podcast is hosted by the EOD Warrior Foundation. This podcast will focus on a variety of relatable subjects impacting EOD Warriors, their Families, and military families at large. Topics discussed include TBI, PTSD, health, wellness, and much more! We will share stories, resources and interview experts and organizations that may shed light on difficult subjects… and have fun too! 



The various opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed by guests, contributors, and participants of the Behind the Warrior podcast are their own and are intended for informational purposes only. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, view points, or policies of the EOD Warrior Foundation or its employees and volunteers.


Episode Ninety Nine: Operation Hat Trick with Dot Sheehan

Episode Ninety Eight: Veteran Powered Films with Julia Ling and Rick Swift

Episode Ninety Seven: EOD Veteran Tony Joys with Bubbles for Vets

Episode Ninety Six: John Barnes, Myofascial Release

Episode Ninety Five: Unsung: The Quiet Voices of the US Navy’s EOD Warriors and Their Families

Episode Ninety Four: Diane Fraser with the Emerald Coast Science Center

Episode Ninety Three: Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with Michael Workman

Episode Ninety Two: Jerron Clark and the Echo Oscar Delta Podcast

Episode Ninety One: Former Army EOD Tech and now actor, Chris Weakley

Episode Ninety: Active Duty Army EOD Tech, Katie Hernandez

Episode Eighty Nine: Charlie Warner & Service Continued

Episode Eighty Eight: Zanna Wolfgang with Honor the Brave

Episode Eighty Seven: Tim Medvetz with The Hero Project

Episode Eighty Six: AD Marine EOD Tech and Financial Enabler Jaime Gallardo

Episode Eighty Five: Stephen O’Donnell & Master Blaster Coffee

Episode Eighty Four: Army Vet, Tom Richmond with Project Sanctuary.

Episode Eighty Three: Dr. Chris Ostrander, National Board Certified counselor with the SOF Network.

Episode Eighty Two: Retired Air Force SMSgt Marshall “Doc” or “Baby Doc” Dutton, who followed in his father’s EOD footsteps.

Episode Eighty One: Removing the Stigma Part 2: Moral Injury

Episode Eighty: Rob Reynolds with Med Eng and Pacific Safety Products

Episode Seventy Nine: Removing the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health Zoom Panel

Episode Seventy Eight: Toxic Exposure and the Hunter Seven Foundation with Chelsey Simoni

Episode Seventy Seven: Bomb Techs Without Borders in Ukraine – Lee Cundiff

Episode Seventy Six: Chive Charities Expands to Support Caregivers

Episode Seventy Five: Dr. Aris Makris on engineering the EOD Bomb Suit at Med-Eng

Episode Seventy Three: Part 1 – Dr. Chris Frueh, author of “Operators Syndrome”

Episode Seventy Four: Part 2 – Dr. Chris Frueh, author of “Operators Syndrome”

Episode Seventy Two: Home Base with Patrick Smith

Episode Seventy One: Dr. Eddie Zant & the healing benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Episode Seventy: Meet Sweethelda Castro – Office Administrator.

Episode Sixty Nine: Greg Mittelman, Chairman of the Board, and Sherri Beck, retired EODWF employee; part 2 Remembrance Garden.

Episode Sixty Eight: (Retired) Major John Haynes and the history of the EOD Memorial Wall

Episode Sixty Seven: Cigna’s Veteran Support Line

Episode Sixty Six: Tony Cerrone – President of the EOD Motorcycle Club

Episode Sixty Five: Whole Health with Ray Bowne

Episode Sixty Four: Meet Ashlee Steinhart – Hope & Wellness Coordinator

Episode Sixty Three: Transcendental Meditation with Vin DeCrescenzo

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