It is true that the EOD Warrior Foundation provides financial relief, so we thought we would take some time to describe exactly what it is that we do under one of our pillars of support, for EOD warriors and their families. Our mission is to serve the EOD community and their families in ways that will be helpful and beneficial to them, and we have found that due to unforeseeable life events and unpredictable circumstances, many families often struggle financially. Our goal is to stand by EOD warriors and their families during the difficult times, to help alleviate financial burdens and stress. Here is more information on how we can help:

Every Case is Unique

EOD warriors and their families all have their own, unique needs. That is why we must look at situations on a case-by-case basis. One of the reasons for this is that we have a vast array of resources available, and we don’t just provide financial assistance. There is a lot that we can do! We work with every family individually so that we are sure we find the best way(s) that we can assist.

We have noticed that cases vary quite a bit. Some are very straightforward; others are a bit more complex. We help in crisis situations, we can also help families even when things are going well, they just might need a bit of extra help. We are here for you, no matter what you may be going through.

We Provide Other Forms of Assistance

For example, there may be an EOD tech that is in desperate need of financial counseling, stability, they’re facing an unexpected situation, or they are not able to make the rent and are facing homelessness.

These types of situations are more complicated in nature for many reasons.  The warrior may be dealing with a history of TBI, PTSD or combat trauma that is contributing to the problems they are facing, and it takes a lot of strength to put aside your pride and ask for help.  This is hard for many people but EOD Techs in particular. In other words, situations can be a lot more complex than they appear to the outside world.

We Connect EOD Warriors and Families with the Best Solutions

We do our best to not just put a bandage on a problem, but to connect our warriors with as many resources as we can, to create a support network that will help them through tough times, and then get them back on their feet.

The EOD community is a family, and our doors are open to support our brothers and sisters and their families in whatever life situation they might find themselves in. Life isn’t always filled with roses, but when times are tough, we lift each other up and we get through the hardest times together.

To apply for assistance, you must be a graduate of NAVSCOLEOD, pre AND post 9/11, and will need to complete an online application at: