As many of us know, the EOD community is a unique one. Only those who are in the community, whether they are active duty EOD, family members, or friends of those who serve, know how important the community really is. The challenges we all face are unique, and because we have each other, we can all get through it.

The EOD Warrior Foundation works to bring the community together and offer support. However, the organization didn’t always look this way. Here’s a brief history of the EOD Warrior Foundation:

How We Support the EOD Community

We offer the EOD community support in a variety of ways. The EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF) serves the EOD community by providing financial assistance and support to Active-Duty, Reserve and National Guard, Retired and Veteran EOD technicians and their families.

We are able to succeed in our mission by offering a variety of programs, such as financial relief, hope and wellness programs, scholarships, and providing ongoing care of the EOD Memorial Wall. It is our important mission that has helped shape our history.

EOD Warrior Foundation History – Merging Two Organizations

We got our official beginning in 1969 with the founding of the EOD Memorial Foundation. At the time, the sole purpose of this organization was maintaining the EOD Memorial Wall, which has become an important part of our history. The Wounded EOD Foundation also served the community in a different way, by supporting wounded EOD warriors and their families.

The two organizations merged on March 1, 2013, and it was about more than just pooling resources. The existing organizations weren’t set up to best serve the joint service EOD community as a whole. The Wounded EOD Foundation, for example, only targeted EOD techs who had been wounded. Now, the EOD Warrior Foundation takes care of Gold Star Families, wounded EOD Warriors, along with active, retired and EOD families. We continue to care for the EOD Memorial Wall. It is an organization that is devoted to serving the community as a whole.

How the EOD Warrior Foundation Serves the EOD Community

By pooling our resources, we have been able to offer support beyond what the two original organizations could provide. We still care for and maintain the Memorial Wall, and wounded EOD Warriors and their families. However, we also do much more. Here are some of the ways we support the community:

  • By providing financial relief to EOD warriors and their families
  • Through our scholarship program for high school and college graduates
  • The Hope and Wellness program provides therapeutic healing retreats and community events to help EOD techs and their family members find a way through the many challenges they face.
  • Through our extensive resource library, which connects the EOD community with helpful information.
  • By ensuring those EOD Warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice are never forgotten

The above are just a few examples of how we support the community, but the most important thing to know is that we are there for you.

By merging the two organizations, this has helped us better connect with EOD families across all four branches of service stationed around the world. We are passionate about Disarming Challenges for the EOD Family, and we are always finding new ways to do so.