LT Lawrence Leopold Lionel Heideman, USNR, was a graduate Navy Bomb Disposal Class #11. He was killed on 3 March 1945 in an Army Air Force C-47A (43-48223) crash flying from England to Paris, France. The aircraft was carrying a civilian U.S.O. entertainment group and crashed near Carmeilles-en-Vallangou, France in a non-battle related incident.

The Associated Press reported that this ended a safety run which the European Division of the Air Transport Command had conducted 5 million miles of flying without a loss of life. Also killed in the crash was PFC Alfred E. Barschdorf, USA (Service Number: 121754016), 1LT Robert H. Dearstine, USAAF, pilot from New York, CAPT Festus F. Foster, USN, from Virginia, PFC Paul J. Heeger, USA, from Ohio, 1LT Herbert H. Hirth, USAAF,  from Louisiana, S1c John G. Hope, USN, from Pennsylvania, 1LT Paul A. Mansell, USAAF, from New York, Sgt Albert J. McVey, USAAF, from Illinois, civilian Lester I. Chapman, wrestler from Texas, civilian Ruth G. Donor, civilian George Matkovich, wrestler, civilian Renny Reuben, wrestler, civilian George “Jack” Ross, wrestler from Illinois, civilian Harold A. Sabath, wrestler, and civilian Gaius W. Young, wrestler from Minnesota.

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