EOD Memorial Grounds Expansion

Over the past 20 years, the EODWF has received comments and suggestions from warriors, family members and friends within the EOD community, asking for a space to sit and reflect on our community, those with and no longer with us. This includes not only those currently on the wall but also those who continued an EOD life after separation or retirement and lost their life in that line of work, those that continued their struggle after deployments but never fully healed, those currently deployed, and others that may have a significant meaning in someone’s life.

Without modifying the current EOD Memorial, our plans are to expand the grounds to include a separate area approximately 400 feet to the north East of the Wall. This will not impact the Memorials current appearance. Additionally, we will not want any impact to the immediate troop assembly areas and walk ways that surround the wall currently used for events including but not limited to the annual EOD Memorial service.

The Remembrance area will have several permanent benches that surround a statue that representative of the EOD warrior. This area will be inclusive of all branches of service and all EOD warriors. The statue itself will not designate a specific individual, branch, or manner of passing. We would also like to include items from the EOD community within a capsule beneath the statue to tie together this community’s unique and exceptional past, present, and future. Additional information regarding the timeline and submission process for these items will be published in summer 2021.

Because the statue is being crafted for only the price of the materials, and there will be no major engineering requirements, we are able to keep the total costs to approximately $100,000. This includes all costs such as permits, plantings, and pavers for the path that allows visitors to walk from the memorial to the new remembrance area. The EOD Warrior Foundation has effectively incorporated these costs into our budget without causing a negative impact on our other programmatic areas.

Assuming planning and approvals continue to progress as planned, we hope to begin work before the end of 2021 in time for the 2022 EOD Memorial. Updates will continue to be posted on the EODWF website. As we progress, we will share answers to frequently asked questions, as well as other updates on timeline as they are available.

In the end, while the Wall will remain unchanged, there will be a companion area to recognize the service, dedication, and sacrifices of all of the EOD warriors, those from our past who have left us, those currently protecting us, those who will protect us in the future, as well as their families.

As always, we welcome your questions, and feedback. You can reach our Executive Director, Nicole Motsek directly nicole@eodwarriorfoundation.org, or call our offices at anytime 850.729.2336.