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Transition from AD to train and learn with a civilian partner. 

Transition assistance, career planning and more

Helping Veterans and Military Spouses find their next career

Find Careers, get ready for a transition out of the military

A comprehensive resource to help you find outstanding resume samples for your job title

Find a veteran, and other, employment services in your area

The federal government’s official job site. Build your profile, upload a resume, apply for jobs

Training, mentoring and coaching for job placement

Find a career with Veterans Affairs

Create a small business and more

Helping Veterans and Military Spouses start their own business

Public service employment information

How to navigate and nail your first job offer after graduation

Jobs and resources for Veterans

Support for the Military Community Entrepreneurs

Free online Career Training and Certification for Military and Military Spouses

Free online template that offers tips and guidance for incorporating military experience into civilian resumes.