Fundraising and Awareness Proposal

Thank you for considering the EOD Warrior Foundation in your fundraising efforts. Please complete the following form so that we may familiarize ourselves with your fundraiser. You may attach any additional information you feel appropriate.

All proposals must be submitted at least (8) eight weeks prior to the event. Once the proposal has been approved by the Board of Directors, you will be notified.

Events such as yours are crucial to the EODWF’s efforts to raise funds and awareness about the dangerous, critical, and lifesaving work that EOD warriors do every day.


The EOD Warrior Foundation has a set of guidelines, we ask you to follow when fundraising on our behalf.

We do not wish to seem ungrateful for your efforts, or wish to burden you with unnecessary limitations; however, through years of experience we have found that by clearly identifying expectations, we can avoid misunderstandings or negative experiences.

We have implemented these guidelines to protect your interests, as well as the interests of the supporters of your event and the EOD Warrior Foundation.

We ask that you read the entire independent fundraiser procedures prior to