Hope and Wellness Retreats Calendar

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The Foundation provides support and resources to assist our EOD Warriors and families as they face challenges, changes, and uncertainty in their lives. We help create a network of connection through various retreat opportunities and programs that are updated yearly. These retreats can be recreational, educational, have a focus on mental health, wellness, trauma, and are all holistic in nature. This meaningful support and assistance through retreats and programs fosters hope and wellness and builds community. If you are a graduate from NAVSCOLEOD, no matter the era, you and your family qualify for these programs! We believe the EOD Family is for life; including EOD Warriors and their families, Gold Star and White Star families; caregivers, children, and siblings. Our goal each year is to provide unique opportunities no matter where you fit into the EOD Family.


March 31 – April 3: SongwritingWith:Soldiers – Couples PATHH

March 31 – April 6: EOD Male Warrior PATHH Program

June 13 – 22: Echo Hill Gold & White Star Children’s Camp

June 21 – 26: Force Blue Gold Star Ocean Conservation School

September 14 – 17: Wake for Warriors

September 15 – 21: EOD Male Warrior PATHH Program (full)

October 5 – 9: Teen Retreat – Work Family Ranch

October 26 – 28: EOD Blast Day

October 3-6: Barksdale Hunt

TBD: Zentangle Online Zoom Classes

Types of Retreats

We believe in creating a Community within our Community! Therefore, we offer a variety of retreats, including:
        • Couples Retreats
        • Family Retreats
        • EOD Spouse and Caregiver Retreats
        • Gold Star Parents and Spouses Retreats
        • Male and Female EOD Technician Retreats
        • And more!