“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop

Become A Volunteer and Join the EOD Community

Every year, hundreds of volunteers donate their time and effort in order to give back to the EOD Community! There are a number of volunteer opportunities available throughout the year, from hosting events to participating in ongoing programs.

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Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who help make our work possible!


The average yearly cost to maintain the EOD Memorial Grounds is $10,000. We rely heavily on our Volunteers to help with the basic upkeep and occasional replacement of plants and shrubbery.


On average, there are over 50 events hosted each year by our Volunteers around the globe to benefit the EOD Warrior Foundation and support our EOD Community!

Flag Program

There just might be an EOD close by, you just didn’t know where to look!

Help us in placing EOD Flags on over 3,000 graves, honoring their service, regardless of era, branch or cause of death.

“I got the privilege of joining the EOD family when I married my husband, Joshua, in 2003. His EOD Army career was cut short after he was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013. I remember telling him, ‘Once EOD Always EOD! They can’t take that badge from you.’  

Our family is always one to find ways to help others and serve where we can.  It is truly a blessing to be part of this EOD Family and Community.  

The EOD Warrior Foundation has been a tremendous blessing to our family and if there is a way that I can give back to them, I will try my best to always do that.” 

Lorien & Joshua Deverse
2018 Volunteer

What Are Our Volunteers Doing?